The supply includes only what is specifically written in the order confirmation. Orders taken by our agents or representatives are always subordinate to our approval.


The best care will be taken to ensure that descriptions, drawings and other information in the catalogs published by the houses represented, correspondence, etc are accurate, but our Company will not take any responsibility for any inaccuracies that may exist in these documents.


For special chains, and by these we mean those not provided for on our catalogs or with different quotas, a tolerance of more or less than 5% will have to be accepted.


The delivery terms start from the date of receipt of the order and of all the technical data necessary for its completion. The delivery terms are intended as approximate unless if specified in a different and specific clause. They are extended, in case of strikes, total or partial impediments to production, deriving from force majeure or other impediments that do not depend on the will of the seller. Therefore, any delays for any reason caused, will not give right to compensation or indemnity whatsoever in favor of the Customer. The Customer will have the right to request the cancellation of the order if the delay is longer than three months and cannot be attributed to force majeure. Delivery is suspended due to total or partial non-compliance with the payment conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, the place of delivery is the factory of RBT Srl.


Unless specifically instructed by the Customer, the goods are shipped in the manner and by the means we consider best, but without any responsibility on our side. The goods travel at the risk and peril of the Customer, even in the exceptional case of free delivery. The Customer is therefore required to check the goods upon arrival and in the event of damage, shortages, etc., to make the appropriate complaints to the carrier or the forwarder. Except for specific instructions from the Customer, the goods are not covered by transport insurance.


The payment of the supply must be made in the form expressly specified in the confirmation, at the seller’s domicile. Complaints or protests, even in any way related to the supply, will not entitle the Customer to suspend payments and no dispute will be taken into consideration by us if the Customer is not in compliance with the payments.


From the moment in which the agreed payment term expires, on the capital sum will run an interest on arrears at the rate applied by the ECB increased by 7 points plus credit recovery costs, in the favor of RBT Srl. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties. If several orders are in progress between the same parties, failure to pay one of them, for any order execution, and also for disputes, entitles RBT Srl to suspend the execution of orders, until the said payment occurs.


The warranty for the goods supplied by us is limited to the repair, and (or) free replacement, ex our warehouse within one year from the delivery date, of the details that are defective or not compliant with the order for ascertained defect of material or workmanship.
The replaced parts remain of our property. Any other compensation is excluded, nor can direct and indirect damages be claimed for temporary non-use of the purchased goods. The examination of defects and their causes will always be carried out at our establishment. The costs of labor, assembly, reassembly, transport for intervention, even in the case of recognized guarantee, are always borne by the Buyer. The warranty lapses for products not used in accordance with our indications or in any case modified, repaired or dismantled also in part.


The seller is not liable for the damage arising from the shutdown of the plant and machinery, caused by the need to carry out repairs or replacements of the material sold, nor is liable for damage, direct and indirect, which may occur to persons and property things having their cause or cause in defects in material and (or) workmanship.


Complaints for non-compliance with the agreed upon order must be made within eight days of receipt of the goods by PEC: postacertificata@pec.rbtchains.com. After this period, the goods are considered accepted as specified in the contract.


For any controversy, the Court of Lodi will be exclusively competent.